Plaque Disclose Gel

Order Codes:
  • 33405 - 30ml
  • 33425- 250ml

Pleasant tasting gel for the staining of plaque. For surgery and home use.

Composition Erythrosine 1% w/v.
Actions Erythrosine stains dental plaque pink on affected teeth.
Indications To make dental plaque visible during demonstration of oral hygiene procedures.
Contraindications When patients may not be able to remove stained plaque after demonstration.
Precautions Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
Avoid contact with clothing and surfaces as staining may occur.
Directions for Use Place about 1 mL of the gel on the surface of the tongue.  Have the patient swish around the mouth and between the teeth for about 30 seconds.  Rinse out the mouth with water and observe stained areas of teeth.
Poisoning Refer to MSDS.
Presentation 30 mL Plastic Dropper Bottle
250 mL Plastic Dropper Bottle
Storage Store beow 30 degrees C